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CSS Generator

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CSS Generator

Quick tool for creating CSS tags for buttons, forms, and text. Click on Read More to use this tool.

' Vact1 = '' Vact2 = '' Vact3 = '' if(document.makecss.elemtype.value == "button"){ Vact1 = '' } if(document.makecss.elemtype.value == "textfield"){ Vact1 = '' } if(document.makecss.elemtype.value == "text"){ Vact1 = 'Your Class Text' } Vform1 = '
' Vform2 = '
' Vblah = 'CSS Generator
' Vblah1 = 'CSS code:
' Vblah2 = 'Resulting class example:
' Vbr = "
" fillB = "\n" x.document.write(fillA, Vcss1, finalcode, Vcss2, Vform1, Vblah, Vblah1, Vtextarea1, finalcode, Vtextarea2, Vbr, Vblah2, Vact1, Vact2, Vact3, Vform2, fillB) } // --> CSS Generator

CSS Generator Notes:
- The resulting CSS classes will only work properly when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, and will work partially when using Netscape6. Netscape 4.x will not support many of the features of this CSS generator.

- The color fields are meant for Hex values of colors. Click on the Color Values button to view a color palette. Within it, click on any color and copy its value - a hash (#) followed by 6 characters. Remember - you can copy a value by double-clicking the text field and pressing CTRL-C. To paste that value press CTRL-V.

- When creating a class for text, you can still use the border features, but it's not recommended. The resulting code usually won't not be practical. However, you can still give text a background color.

- If you want the border of a button or a text field to be beveled, but still be of a specific color, select the Colored Beveled option in the border type field. Then enter the Hex value into the border color field as you would normally.

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CSS Class Name:
Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 14:34